Blur … Noise

Life is a Blur. There are many factors that cause it to be true.

One of the chief reasons? Noise!

Never has there been so much noise. We live in an age of instant access.

Cell phones. Email. Computers. Digital devices. Blogs. Facebook. Twitter. Television. The list is endless.

The reality? We are bombarded with noise.

Noise increases Blur.

Devices designed to increase communication are actually destroying it.

I see couples all the time who are together, yet far apart. Both with a phone glued to their head, unaware of each other.

Kids and teens are no different, texting their way from one moment to the next.

How loud is your life?

Why not turn off the noise and “go dark” for a few hours?

Believe it or not, the world can live without you for a day.

Being blurred is a choice. A noise choice.

It’s time to turn it down!

Leadership Begins at Home,


Where is your life noisy?

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Blur … Hurry

I know a guy who received a speeding ticket on his way to work. Needless to say, the stop put him further behind.

You would think the ticket would have sent a message.

It did not. Fourteen minutes after the first ticket, he received a second one.

Talk about being in a hurry!

A while back, I was walking through a convention center with a real type A leader. I had one of my daughters with me, and the leader was with his wife.

My friends will tell you that I am a fast walker. But compared to that guy, I am a snail.  He walked right off and left our entire group.

His wife, who was walking beside my daughter and me, made the comment, “I am used to it. He is always several steps ahead of me.” She was not smiling.

The Bible warns us about hurry. Listen to these words from Proverbs 21:5 in The Message: “Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind . . .”

For the guy we were chasing, it appeared he was ‘getting ahead.’ I would argue his pace was actually putting him further behind relationally. I imagine his wife would agree.

It was a good lesson for me to see first hand. Too often those closest to me are looking at the back of my head instead of holding my hand.

I hope you are not in a hurry. If you are, you have been bitten by the ‘Blur.’

Why not take someone ‘with’ you this week instead of trying to leave everyone behind?

Leadership Begins at Home,


When are you most tempted to hurry?  How do you think it affects others when you are in a rush?

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Blur … Tempus Fugit

Over the weekend I had the chance to hang out with one of my closest friends. He will be 50 in a couple of weeks.

A few days ago he received a surprise in the mail, and he showed it to me. It was an AARP card.

Yikes! Talk about the Blur.

Unless he makes it past 100, he is officially “over the hill.” 

Knowing him, he may fly by 100. Still, just like the rest of us, his days are numbered.

The Roman poet Virgil was the first to pen the phrase “Tempus Fugit” . . . time flies.

The older I get, the more I recognize Virgil knew what he was talking about, and I too am most likely on the backside.

As a runner I can tell you I like the downhills a lot more than I do the climbing. So if indeed I am over the hill, I plan to have some fun. I might even buy myself a bike.

Every day is a gift. The Bible reminds us to relish each one in Psalm 90:12 where it says, “So teach us to number our days, that we may present to the Lord a heart of wisdom.”

Nothing would make me happier than to arrive at the finish line and be able to stand before God with a wise heart.

Tempus Fugit, my friend. You have one shot at life. Don’t be a victim of the Blur.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Do you think leaders are more susceptible than others to the Blur?  Is so, why?

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Blur … Slow Down!

OK, Summer is over … Gone! It’s August. No more sleeping in kiddo’s. No more vacations big people.

The past couple of months went by in a blink. Perhaps you participated at a pace that has you more wasted than rested. If so, I have two words for you.

Slow down!

Two words we all need to hear every day. Why? Because most days are a blur.

Speed has become our obsession. We speed dial, speed walk, speed read, and even speed date.

As a culture we are hurrying through life instead of really living it.

We ingrain hurry into our children from birth. We fly through bed time prayers and attempt to read Dr. Seuss to our kids at warp speed. No wonder we are tongue tied . . . and fried.

Couples go to dinner and one or both of them stay glued to a cell phone the entire time. Kids spend hours on social media and wonder where the time has gone.

Hello … It’s August, and Christmas is next week!

Slow down and look into someone’s eyes today. Talk with your spouse. Listen to your kid. Introduce yourself to a stranger.

Speed kills relationships. And the last time I checked, relationships are the point.

You can’t hurry some things. Love is at the top of the list.

Why not make a decision today to battle the blur?

Over the next few days I will be writing about how you can succeed in this fight.

Until tomorrow . . . Slow down!

Leadership Begins at Home,


Pick an activity today and spend 10 minutes training yourself to slow down.


  1. Drive under the speed limit.
  2. Drive in the slow lane
  3. Choose the longest checkout line.
  4. Avoid the drive-thru.
  5. Sit quietly and look out the window.

How are you doing when it comes to your battle with Blur?  Do you have other ideas to train yourself to slow down?

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Are You on the Right Road?

As I awaken today, I am really excited about my future. More excited than I have been in a long time. I’m convinced it is because I recently made a turn onto a different road in my work life.

A few months ago I was on pavement. The same pavement I had been on for several years. It was a comfortable road with friends I love and work that came easy. But over time, the blacktop had become too familiar; the landscape changing very little.

It was a good road. Just no longer the right road for me.

I remember the way I felt as I considered my choice. A painful choice. Should I stay on my comfortable road, or should I exit off and head in a new direction? I knew exiting would require courage and, even worse, a departure from some of the greatest teammates on the planet. Perhaps these realizations kept me on the pavement longer than I intended … I have no regrets.

Two things convinced me to turn on the blinker.

First, I knew in my heart the road I was on would never take me to the place I dream of going. Truthfully, I’m not even sure I know the name of my destination. I do know it will be a place where my gifts and talents will be called on to encourage leaders and teams on a broader scale.

The second reason I made the turn is I remembered the old adage, “Your direction determines your destination.” I knew the longer I stayed on my old road, the further I would ultimately end up from my target.

Dirt Road

My new road is dirt. Unfamiliar and rugged. The horizon is distant. But after years of being a traveler, I am both smart enough to know I am naive, and quite certain I am headed in the right direction.

So, how about you? Are you on the right road?

If not, I want to remind you that you are running out of time. There is only so much fuel left in your tank.

At some point, you also will be faced with a choice. You can stay on the pavement, or turn onto the dirt. The question is, where do you want to end up? Remember, like me, your direction will determine your destination.

The dirt road is scary, but it sure is exhilarating and the view is amazing.

And by the way, you won’t be alone. It is where you will find me.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What is one change you need to make over the next year?

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